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February 2, 2022 by lambkinz 0 Comments

2nd Edition of Interactive Learning through Animated Stories Workshop at TRC

The second edition of “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories” workshop took place on 29th, January, 2022 at TRC. A wonderful group of participants from various schools attended the workshop and explored lambkinz in this session. Teachers’ Resource Centre & Green Animation studio have joined hands on many projects with the common goal of creating a safe digital space for learning through lambkinz/ This workshop was conducted by workshop leader Ms. Juvaria Ahmed; who took the participants on a unique journey to explore animated stories and learning through lambkinz.

Participants got to see lambkinz live in action on desktop and had a tremendous feedback session afterwards. All participants were given FREE lambkinz subscriptions voucher worth PKR 1440 with souvenirs as a giveaway!

December 2, 2021 by lambkinz 0 Comments

Workshop at TRC on “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories” using lambkinz

Green Animation Studio successfully conducted a FREE workshop on “Interactive Learning through Animated Stories for pre-primary and primary teachers at Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC) Karachi. The workshop was attended by teachers of various reputable schools. Teachers’ Resource Centre enabled Green Animation Studio to introduce @lambkinzapp as a teaching tool for interactive learning in the class rooms. The workshop proved to be a success as the participants not only enjoyed but also found a new horizon to explore storytelling through interactivity and animation.

team lambkinz took the stage at Teachers’ Resource Centre to explore various facets of storytelling and interactive learning through animated stories. The active participation of the attendees made this session both interactive and informative.

Participants got to see lambkinz live in action on desktop and had a tremendous feedback session afterward. All participants were given souvenirs and FREE lambkinz subscriptions as a giveaway!

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