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Category: news

October 1, 2021 by lambkinz 1 Comment

lambkinz introduces writing platform for teachers

The lambkinz platform brings children book writing opportunities for teachers all over Pakistan. lambkinz team works closely with teachers to improve the educational content for primary school kids. We envision unleashing the hidden writers within teachers and encouraging them to spread knowledge by writing books for children.

October 1, 2021 by lambkinz 0 Comments

Green Animation Studio launches lambkinz app

For the first time in Pakistan, Green Animation Studio launches lambkinz app, a digital read-along storytelling platform for primary school kids. lambkinz aims to bring a paradigm shift by bringing animated storybooks to classrooms. It focuses on general knowledge, mannerism, culture and values by showcasing beautifully crafted animated storybooks. lambkinz engages children in a safe digital learning environment and protects them from other distracting digital content. To try lambkinz app, please visit and download it from App Store or Google Play.